EV - 108 Logical Positivism with Dr. Liam Bright

My guest this week is Dr. Liam Bright, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the London School of Economics and a thought leader on philosophy twitter (@Lastpositivist). Liam joins me for an informal installment in our "better know a philosopher series" where he puts in a heroic effort to rehabilitate my dim view of the Logical Positivists.

Liam's Page: https://www.liamkofibright.com/

Study on replication and political bias: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330935931_Is_the_Political_Slant_of_Psychology_Research_Related_to_Scientific_Replicability

Invocation: Carnap

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Music by GW Rodriguez

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Next week: Human Biodiversity with Dr. Kevin Bird (@itsbirdemic)