EV - 96 Giving the Void an Argument with Ben Burgis

This week I'm joined by the verbose socialist Ben Burgis to discuss his book Give them an Argument: Logic for the Left. We talk best practices, the limits of discourse, and why we wish it were true that leftist teachers were actually rising up and seizing the means of education.

Give the Right an Argument: https://www.amazon.com/Give-Them-Argument-Logic-Left-ebook/dp/B07RD8MZ4L/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2K0B9OIP1DZLO&keywords=give+them+an+argument&qid=1561561925&s=gateway&sprefix=give+them+an+%2Caps%2C127&sr=8-1

Invocation: The endless debate in Aaron's head

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Music by GW Rodriguez

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