EV - 110 Community Atheism with Stephanie Zvan

My guest this week is Stephanie Zvan, cohost of the Minnesota Atheists’ radio show and podcast, a regular contributor at The Orbit, and a board member of Secular Woman and Minnesota Atheists. She graciously cheers me up about the direction of the atheist movement.

The Orbit: https://the-orbit.net/

Invocation: The Book of Genesis

Editing by Brian Ziegenhagen, check out his pod: http://youarehere.libsyn.com/s02e02-rex-manning-day?fbclid=IwAR2L2_YIJvQpcw0nx6nTSfz0GmyJ1DtWsF--vvdI9W1ug3XW7IAtU6dQ36s

Music by GW Rodriguez

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Next week: Plato, Aristotle, and Nagel with Fabien-Denis Cayer