EV - 051 Talking With Stephen Stich

In this episode we talk with Stephen Stich, a Philosophy professor at Rutgers University about his career, addressing moral/ethical issues in the classroom, and much more.

Opening Invocation
Norse Mythology

Information provide by Stephen Stich:

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EV - 044 Moral Luck

Today we dive deep into a topic we (mostly Aaron) constantly reference: Moral Luck. We start with the root of the concept from Thomas Nagel's Moral Luck. We then dive into the factors that contribute to it, how it affects all aspects of our existence, and what a world might look like where Free Will as a concept is eliminated.

Opening Invocation
Jordan Peterson's Beatitudes

Hero of the Week
Yanni, or maybe Laurel

EV - 043 Aaron Has Free Will Guys!

Guest Jody debates Aaron on Daniel Dennett's position on Free Will.  We try to define what Free Will is and how that relates to a determinist philosophical view. We also examine the relationship of Free Will with consciousness.

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This Is America - Childish Gambino

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EV - 041 (Part 1) Siri, What's An Incel?

This is part one of a two part episode where we talk about Incel's, and we're graced with a returning guest Bethany Futrell (host of She Talks Atheism, and cohost of The Inciting Incident Podcast). We discuss the people, the communities, what they represent, and why they exist.

Opening Invocation
From listener and fan @HBOUFO (Twitter)

Hero of the Week
The women that told their stories to get 3 convictions of Bill Cosby

EV - 040 Psychology Research with Ari Stillman

In this episode we are very glad to have the podcast veteran Ari Stillman. They're currently pursuing a masters degree in psychology at The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. We discuss different areas of research, especially in areas of trauma and PTSD. We also cover some in the area of gender and the Non-Binary community.

Ari Stillman

Opening Invocation

Hero of the Week
Charles Benight PhD

EV - 039 The Virtue of NDA's

After we've signed our respective NDA's, we dive into Virtue Theory. Looking at what it means to have a virtue in something, and relate it to the Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Moral Saints

Opening Invocation: Milgram Experiment

Hero of the Week: James Comey

EV - 038 Expletive with Ris and Priss

As promised, here's the episode where we talk about pejoratives, and other language that could be unknowingly harmful to specific groups of people. We are joined by the amazing Marissa McCool and Priss to help us understand those perspectives that we cis white men might be missing.

Marissa McCool

Twitter: @prissunicorn

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Opening Invocation
The Elevator Game (with Lu Lyons)

Hero of the Week
Aiden McCool
For Trans Men

EV - 037 Void.I.Am

What is consciousness? The short of it: nobody knows.

This episode we dive into a really hotly debated topic, consciousness. What is it? How do we test it? Do animals have it? Do machines have it? Does Aaron's calculator have it? DOES THIS PODCAST HAVE IT? Does it even exist?

What is it like to be a bat
Smarty Plants

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Dealer's Choice  (Source: Tax Day)

Hero of the Week
Liberty Mutual (not a sponsor)

EV - 036 Talking With Eiynah

Today we have a special guest Eiynah from the Polite Conversations podcast. We cover so many topics including: what some of Eiynah's experiences were in the Middle East, current labels used by SJW's, the problems with the skeptic community, tribalism, and much more.

Twitter: @NiceMangos

Hero of the Week:
Blair Braverman
What I've Learned From Having A Trans Partner

EV - 035 Stupid Monkey Brains

If an organism is the current set of adaptations through natural selection within its own environment, couldn't the same thing be applied how humans behave? In this episode we cover Evolutionary Psychology. A set of theories that aim to draw causal relationships with psychological behavior that's common with different groups. 

Opening Invocation:
American Gods

Hero of the Week:
Stormy Danielle

EV - 034 Restorative Justice with Tamara Carroll

This week we bring on a really good friend of ours, Tamara Carroll. We discuss Retributive Justices relative to the current models of punishment for kids in our schools, and for adults. We wind up also covering the effects of Trauma on young kids, and different techniques that Tamara has used when working with kids and teenagers.

Paper Tigers

Opening Invocation:
Nietzsche's eternal recurrence challenge

Hero of the Week:
Kate McKinnon