EV - 060 Better Know Angela Davis

For this months segment of Better Know A Philosopher, we talk about Angela Davis. A highly dynamic figure who's still making speeches and continuing her activist path from the Black Panthers, to Occupy Wall Street.


Opening Invocation:
"The Book of Disquiet" by Pessoa

Hero of the Week:
This thing: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/bnpv85/the-emerging-fetish-of-laying-alien-eggs-inside-yourself

EV - 058 Can Art Go Too Far?

This episode could also be named, "Aaron and GW try to pronounce peoples names". We dive into this question about art going too far. Getting into the weeds of what constitutes too far objectively, and how that relates to our subjective opinions of too far.

Reference Material:

Opening Invocation:
Grosse Pointe Blank

Hero of the Week:
Another Octopus

EV - 054 Steel vs. Straw Arguments

What is a Staw-man (or as we call it Staw-bot) fallacy? What about a Steel-bot? We dive into both of these types or arguments and dig into the importance of Steel-boting and why we do it.

Opening Invocation:
Jesse Rabinowitz from Zen Buddhism

Hero of the Week:
Bo Burnham (film Eighth Grade)

EV - 053 Embrace The Reckoning

Today we're joined by fellow podcaster Stephanie Lepp of Reckonings podcast. This wonderful podcast interviews people who've had a major life changing moment or moments that altered their ideology or belief of something. 

Opening Invocation
Jesse Rabinowitz Source: Zen Buddhism

Hero of the Week

EV - 051 Talking With Stephen Stich

In this episode we talk with Stephen Stich, a Philosophy professor at Rutgers University about his career, addressing moral/ethical issues in the classroom, and much more.

Opening Invocation
Norse Mythology

Information provide by Stephen Stich:

Here is a link to our Templeton "Geography of Philosophy" Project website:


And here's a link to a Templeton site based on an interview with my co-PI, Edouard Machery:


There is more information on the book I was plugging here:


and here:


There is information about the new Intro text that I wrote with Tom Donaldson here:


EV - 044 Moral Luck

Today we dive deep into a topic we (mostly Aaron) constantly reference: Moral Luck. We start with the root of the concept from Thomas Nagel's Moral Luck. We then dive into the factors that contribute to it, how it affects all aspects of our existence, and what a world might look like where Free Will as a concept is eliminated.

Opening Invocation
Jordan Peterson's Beatitudes

Hero of the Week
Yanni, or maybe Laurel

EV - 043 Aaron Has Free Will Guys!

Guest Jody debates Aaron on Daniel Dennett's position on Free Will.  We try to define what Free Will is and how that relates to a determinist philosophical view. We also examine the relationship of Free Will with consciousness.

Opening Invocation
This Is America - Childish Gambino

Hero of the Week