EV - 077 Losing My Religion

This week we're joined by Marie D'Elephant from Everyone's Agnostic Podcast. Marie talks about leaving her religion and how that impacted her to this day. We also discuss a myriad of topics relating to religion, death, and polyamory.

Opening Invocation:
The World Has Turned And Left Me Here by Weezer

Hero of the Week:
Marie's cat (and our pets in general)

EV - 076 A Quiet Box

A Quiet Place vs Birdbox. Aaron and GW evaluate each of these very void'y movies in terms of their believability, how they approached essentially the same story differently, and go over parts that may be problematic in some ways.

Opening Invocation:
Shardik thanks to Eric Brewer and Shannon Slayton 

Hero of the Week:
Nancy Pelosi

ETV - 067 Better Know Mary Wollstonecraft

Today episode we dive into Mary Wollstonecraft, a philosopher from the enlightenment period. We look at her writings and take a macro look at how her work set the pace for later feminist writings leading up to the suffrage movement. 

Opening Invocation:

Hero of the Week:
Stacy Abrams (Running for Georgia's Governor)

EV - 063 Unreasonable Doubt

Today we bring on the host of Habeas Humor Podcast, Charone Frankel. We discuss the philosophy of "beyond a reasonable doubt". Is it appropriate? What does it actually mean?


Opening Invocation:
Suggested by: Daniel Source: "The Book of Disquiet" by Pessoa

Hero of the Week:
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

EV - 062 Innocence in the Void

Presumption of innocence in the law vs. society. He said, she said, but apparently only "he" is telling the truth?

In this episode we go to where the rubber of philosophy meets the road of our daily lives. We discuss the Judge Kavanaugh hearings from a philosophical angle, and of course, more about octopi.

Opening Invocation:

Hero of the Week:
Octopuses on MDMA 

EV - 060 Better Know Angela Davis

For this months segment of Better Know A Philosopher, we talk about Angela Davis. A highly dynamic figure who's still making speeches and continuing her activist path from the Black Panthers, to Occupy Wall Street.


Opening Invocation:
"The Book of Disquiet" by Pessoa

Hero of the Week:
This thing: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/bnpv85/the-emerging-fetish-of-laying-alien-eggs-inside-yourself

EV - 058 Can Art Go Too Far?

This episode could also be named, "Aaron and GW try to pronounce peoples names". We dive into this question about art going too far. Getting into the weeds of what constitutes too far objectively, and how that relates to our subjective opinions of too far.

Reference Material:

Opening Invocation:
Grosse Pointe Blank

Hero of the Week:
Another Octopus