EV - 088 Puppetry in the Void

Today we're welcoming Cam Garrity, a puppeteer, podcaster, graphic artist, and so much more. We discuss the beauty of puppetry, while Cam gives us some insights into why it's such a wonderful medium.

Opening Invocation:
Kafka's "A Little Fable" 

EV - 085 This Rand Is My Rand

Aaron just couldn't get enough Ayn Rand from episode 83 that we decided to revisit one of her main philosophical principles: Egoism. We attempt to steel bot the idea and then tear it down to pieces.

Opening Invocation:
Ricklantis Mixup

Making The Void Livable:
Rock Climbing

EV - 081 23andVoid

Today, Aaron and GW discuss relevant topics like the terribleness of Black Face, and why you shouldn't blindly trust 23andMe. We look at not only the privacy issues, but the philosophical issues with a DNA database.

Open Invocation:
The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Hero of the Week???:
Philosophers in Space / Embrace The Void Facebook group 

ETV - 078 Better Know Judith Jarvis Thomson

Time for another installment of our Better Know a Philosopher serise. We dive into Judith Jarvis Thomson, author of the famous Trolly Problem thought experiment and has an interesting thought experiment on abortion.

Opening Invocation:
Absurdist Existentialism

Hero of the Week:

EV - 077 Losing My Religion

This week we're joined by Marie D'Elephant from Everyone's Agnostic Podcast. Marie talks about leaving her religion and how that impacted her to this day. We also discuss a myriad of topics relating to religion, death, and polyamory.

Opening Invocation:
The World Has Turned And Left Me Here by Weezer

Hero of the Week:
Marie's cat (and our pets in general)

EV - 076 A Quiet Box

A Quiet Place vs Birdbox. Aaron and GW evaluate each of these very void'y movies in terms of their believability, how they approached essentially the same story differently, and go over parts that may be problematic in some ways.

Opening Invocation:
Shardik thanks to Eric Brewer and Shannon Slayton 

Hero of the Week:
Nancy Pelosi