EV - 032 Definitely Not An Episode About Guns with Kevin And Benedict

In this episode we are joined by Kevin and Benedict from This Week In News With Kevin And Benedict. We surely aren't talking about guns, gun control, and the terrible arguments the right and gunflakes make about the second amendment, and guns as a means for more security.

Kevin and Benedict

Opening Invocation:
DNA Testing. Author: Devyn Lennex

Hero of the Week:
The survivors of the South Florida High School shooting

EV - 031 Tolerate Me Bro!

Can you tolerate anything? What about intolerance? In this episode we discuss the paradox of tolerance, and how it can manifest itself on the Facebook group Monster Island.

Opening Invocation:
The Leftovers

Hero of the Week:
Richard Gates

EV-030 Rock and Roll with Trav Mamone

With special guest from the Bi Any Means podcast, Trav Mamone, we talk about the Myth of Sisyphus. No, not just the Greek tale of Sisyphus, the guy who's eternal damnation was to push a rock up a hill, but the specific writing by Albert Camus. Here's a quote from the writing:

I leave Sisyphus at the foot of the mountain! One always finds one's burden again. But Sisyphus teaches the higher fidelity that negates the gods and raises rocks. He too concludes that all is well. This universe henceforth without a master seems to him neither sterile nor futile. Each atom of that stone, each mineral flake of that night filled mountain, in itself forms a world. The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

You can find the full text here

Trav Mamone

Hero of the Week


EV-029 Moral Foundations Theory

Welcome to the new and improved Embrace The Void. Both Aaron and GW got new microphones to help propagate our message into the void.

Today we start a new segment where GW reads a correction of something Aaron said, and bestow much shame on him and his family. Following that, we dive into Moral Foundations Theory and how it's used as the basis for outlining the differences in cultures and political ideologies.

Opening Invocation:
Created by Listener Xtian Downs. Based on Montley Crew's Shout at the Devil.

Hero of the Week:
Jade Hameister

Recent Guest Spots:
GW on Kevin and Benedict This Week In News

EV-028 Reasons Why We're Doomed

With special guest Kenneth Quinnell (aka Professor Rex), we get back to our politics roots. We discuss everything from past polices that have been enacted, current polices, and what are the possible terrible timelines that could come from our wonderful president.

Kenneth Quinnell is the Senior Writer for AFL-CIO and Head Honcho at Revolutionary Exchange Records. Find his facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/professorrexband/

Opening Invocation
AI Ethics

Hero Of The Week
Amy McGrath https://www.amymcgrathforcongress.com/

EV-027 The Philosophy of Starship Troopers'

Today in the void we take a deep dive into the movie Starship Troopers', with some comparisons to the book. This isn't your typical movie review. We examine what the somewhat satirical story says about our politics, how we perceive war and conflict, and how the world would be clearly better with women in charge.  

EV-025 Flow States

Ever been in the zone? How about really focused on something to the point that time just whizzes by? That's a Flow State. 

In this episode we talk about what Flow States are, how they can be used to help anyone live a happier life, and the potential negatives there are for them.

Hero of the Week:
Senator of New York, Kirsten Gillibrand

Opening Invocation:
The King In Yellow

EV-024 There's No Business Like Podcast Business with Luisa Lyons

Let us welcome all to the void in this new year. We kick off the new year talk with Luisa Lyons about Musical Theatre and how she has managed her depression through mindfulness meditation.

We are now doing one episode a week, so look out for a bit more void in your life. Also, if you're a current patron at Patreon.com/EmbraceTheVoid, you may want to update your pledge because we've moved from a per episode model to a monthly model.

Opening Invocation
The West Wing

Guest Lusia Lyons
website: http://www.luisalyons.com/
Big C Cabaret

Twitter: @luisalyons

Hero Of The Week:
Seth Rudetsky

EV-023 Shameless Fanbaiting

In service to our all-mighty listeners, this one's for you. We bring up a few listener questions to discuss, reevaluate our Patreon, and change how we do our hero of the week.

Opening Invocation:
Green Lantern

Hero of the Week:
Perman Hardy

EV-022 Stories From A Former Edge Lord

Today we have a very special guest, and friend of the show, Abe. We discuss his journey and experience as a former edge lord and follower of Carl Sargon, and Milo Yiannopoulos. Examining what types of arguments convinced him, and what it was that got him to change his mind.

Opening Invocation
Philosophy of Personhood

Hero of the Week
Women from Project Veritas that tried to tell a fake Roy Moore story to The Washington Post

EV-021 Understanding Intersectionality with Dr. Kristi Winters

This episode we have a special guest: Dr. Kristi Winters. Starting from the basics we define the term which has been getting a lot of use lately: intersectionality. Diving into what it is and how it can help us understand the societies we live in.

On Suicide
Weapons of Math Destruction

Dr. Kristi Winters:

Opening Invocation:
Get Out

Hero of the Week:
Evangelical Pastors supporting Roy Moore

EV-020 My Tribe is Better Than Your Tribe

The world is on fire, and we didn't start it. Today we talk about some recent news regarding the recent indictments and update everyone with our doomsday predictions.  In our main segment we dive into tribalism and talk about the good and the bad.

Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them by Joshua Greene

Hero of the Week:
2 Mass-murdering douche canoe's

Opening Invocation:
Norse Mythology

EV-019 I'm Not Toxic, You're Toxic! with Thomas Smith

This time around we examine toxic masculinity with Thomas Smith of such podcasts as Serious Inquiries Only. We explore the differences between biological distinctions from gender norms, the roles it can negatively impact young boys, how we can fight against it, and probably the most socially obvious manifestations in sports including MMA. 

We don't have a hero of the week because it was either cut that or remove roughly 10 minutes from the main segment, and we opted for the very engaging conversation about toxic masculinity.

The Lucifer Effect
It's Alright To Cry - Song

Thomas Smith

Guest Appearances

Opening Invocation
Star Trek

EV-018 Scientism Is The Cause Of Autism

With Natalie Newell and Jerimiah Traeger we dive into scientism, logical positivism, anti-vaxers, the scientific method, combating personal biases, and we tie this bow with ripping into Harvey Weinstein.

Natalie Newell:

Jerimiah Traeger:

Weapons of Math Destruction

Opening Invocation:
Fermi paradox and simulation theory.

Void Hero of the Week:
Harvey Weinstein

EV-017 Buddha Buddha Buddha

In today's episode we explore what Buddhism is, and how the philosophy is the roots for a lot of void philosophy. We talk about the "self", Buddhist monks, why kneeling lives matter, why has nobody dealt with Flint, and what group is all to blame.

Cold Open:
Stopping by the Void on a Snowy Evening
With apologies to Robert Frost
By Anthoni Fortier

Hero of the Week:
Graham-Cassidy bill

EV-016 Puretist vs. Pragmatist (feat. Inciting Incident Podcast)

In this weeks podcast, we're joined by Ris and Bethany of the Inciting Incident Podcast. Here we discuss what a purist position is, how it relates to politics and social issues, and how it can be damaging. We compare it to a pragmatist point-of-view.

Also, GW had a bad mic cable so some of the audio quality sucks. Send hate mail to GW via voidpod@gmail.com.

Joss Wheadon speeches

Hero of the Week:
Joel Osteen

EV-015 Pickel Void!!!

We're back for a recap! In this episode we take a look at what's happened over the last two months while Aaron's been away. We reevaluate our long standing debate on if we're in the darkest of all possible timelines or just a dark timeline.

The bible, I guess?

Hero of the week:
Christopher Cantwell,
Anthony Scaramucci