EV-018 Scientism Is The Cause Of Autism

With Natalie Newell and Jerimiah Traeger we dive into scientism, logical positivism, anti-vaxers, the scientific method, combating personal biases, and we tie this bow with ripping into Harvey Weinstein.

Natalie Newell:

Jerimiah Traeger:

Weapons of Math Destruction

Opening Invocation:
Fermi paradox and simulation theory.

Void Hero of the Week:
Harvey Weinstein

EV-017 Buddha Buddha Buddha

In today's episode we explore what Buddhism is, and how the philosophy is the roots for a lot of void philosophy. We talk about the "self", Buddhist monks, why kneeling lives matter, why has nobody dealt with Flint, and what group is all to blame.

Cold Open:
Stopping by the Void on a Snowy Evening
With apologies to Robert Frost
By Anthoni Fortier

Hero of the Week:
Graham-Cassidy bill

EV-016 Puretist vs. Pragmatist (feat. Inciting Incident Podcast)

In this weeks podcast, we're joined by Ris and Bethany of the Inciting Incident Podcast. Here we discuss what a purist position is, how it relates to politics and social issues, and how it can be damaging. We compare it to a pragmatist point-of-view.

Also, GW had a bad mic cable so some of the audio quality sucks. Send hate mail to GW via voidpod@gmail.com.

Joss Wheadon speeches

Hero of the Week:
Joel Osteen

EV-015 Pickel Void!!!

We're back for a recap! In this episode we take a look at what's happened over the last two months while Aaron's been away. We reevaluate our long standing debate on if we're in the darkest of all possible timelines or just a dark timeline.

The bible, I guess?

Hero of the week:
Christopher Cantwell,
Anthony Scaramucci

EV-013 Does Your Culture Have A Flag?

In this episode we're joined with Is This Reel Life podcasters Bethany and Kristen. We attempt to define the term cultural appropriation, and try to find where the line is between what is unacceptable and what is just acceptable acculturation.

This weeks cold open is original and inspired by a recent story about Hobby Lobby.

EV-010 The Stoics on Second

Throwing back to episode 4, we answer the question: was our episode on penis demons meant to be a hoax? We also cover Stoicism and how it can be applied to current events, specifically the shooting at the baseball field with Senator Scalise.

Void Hero Of The Week: Jay Sekulow